Hello, I’m Anastassia. I am a certified Gestalt Therapist and a Coach. I have studying and practicing several additional therapy techniques including Neo-Reichian work, Awareness intensive, Breathing work and Family Constellations.

A little bit about my background.

I am Russian native but born in Estonia. I am a graduate in Business studies and have been working in that field for the 10 years of my life. Already in the middle of this process I got involved in the therapeutic world as I needed to figure myself out and what my life was all about. It was a crisis (a little bit too early!).

At this point I also became a certified coach to bridge between the business and therapy worlds. But it was not fully satisfying for me personally, so I enrolled in the Gestalt Therapy Institute.

During this time, I have had many hours of individual and group therapy and started my own practice.

Many of my clients report a deep sense of trust, feel welcome and experience a warm environment along with a sense of clarity around the process.

My personal path of self-discovery and healing continues, and I am very excited to share my experiences and educational background with my clients and anyone I meet on my path.

At this point I live in the heart of Copenhagen with my partner and my cat. I enjoy this city and my life here very much.

 My office is located in the heart of Copenhagen.
Teglgårdstræde 4f
1452 København K
Phone:  5060 8809
Skype: anastrait

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